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Career Experience

You won't be getting coffee, or donuts, or anything else for upper management. We'll train you to work alongside our world class team and show you how a career at Thompson Thrift feels.

Endless Opportunities

Every intern at Thompson Thrift gets to learn the job they are interested in and work in the environment they'll experience once they enter the work force. Offices, job sites, and more are waiting for you.

New Locations

You can work all across the United States. We have offices in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Denver, and Phoenix with projects all through the mid-west and southwest regions.

The First Step In A Career

When you work as a Thompson Thrift Intern, you're getting your foot in the door with a company that is growing exponentially. Some of our interns end up being Thompson Thrift employees after graduation!

Community Driven

Thompson Thrift is a community focused company with a drive to influence and build up those around us. We are constantly driving forward with new ways to reach out including casual Friday donations, events, and more.

Stay Up To Date

You'll be using the latest technology and training methods available to the modern era. From cutting edge engineering programs to world class office suites, every position is top of the line.

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